My Name is Scott.

I am a 23-year-old Software Engineer/ Developer from Dublin, Ireland however, I hope to relocate to Germany as soon as I find employment.

I was awarded First Class Honours (1:1) in BSc(Hons) in Creative Computing at the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design, and Technology in Dublin. Also recieved verbal commendation from course tutor on the quality of my Capstone Project and Thesis.

I have a huge passion for programming but also music! I often busk on Grafton Street in Dublin in my spare time, which I have done for nearly six years now! From this, I have gained tremendous self-confidence, a bubbly personality and excellent communication skills.

I have a particular interest in Backend & Full Stack Development. I am proficient in JavaScript Node.js and npm, along with modern web frameworks such as React JS, always putting an emphasis on the futureproofing and performance optimization of any work I approach. I have 5+ years experience studying + coding HTML along with CSS at an advanced level. I also have experience programming and working with the following technologies: Java; MongoDB; CosmosDB; Android Kotlin; Python (AI); PHP; MySQL

Achieved Cisco NetAcad certificate of completion for “Networking Essentials”

My Skills

I have broad skillset and knowledge base of programming languages & technologies. I am also a quick learner and often spend my spare time keeping up to date with any new features or updates.

JavaScript: Have a keen interest in developing with JavaScript; Enjoy working with libraries such as React.js and Express.js which were incorporated into my final year capstone project

Azure: Self-taught to suit the demands of my capstone project; Utilized cognitive services, storage blobs, API, and web hosting

NPM: Installed packages and libraries using NPM; Explored documentation incorporate to projects.

HTML: 5+ years’ experience studying + coding HTML along with CSS as core elements of my college course

PHP: Experience working within the Homestead environment running on Linux VM; Developed an API and web app using Laravel; The application could then be consumed by an Android client device; Back-end for the application connected to a hosted SQL database that served the client

SQL: Gained knowledge of SQL data queries as part of continuous database studies and practical work

Also experienced in other programming languages & frameworks such as: Vue; Java; Kotlin; Python


I have a keen interest in innovation and always strive to bring imagination to reality. Over the past few years i have been actively seeking new projects to create and work on.

Solar Returns (2022 - Present)

I am currently collaborating with a Engineering Masters student from UCD to create a solar calculations app named Solar Returns. This app accepts parameters from the end user to determine the monitary payback from installing solar pannels to a home after a period of 25 years.

Prontotyper (2022)

Recently, I developed an Object Detection model which recognises and predicts hand drawn images of web elements in conjunction with a React.js frontend and REST API to serve the prediction model and generate appropriate code for the user to be able to use in real time. The algorithm then generates appropriate HTML code for the user to use and edit in real time. The tool uses two Azure storage solutions (Blobs & Cosmos DB with mongoose schema) in addition to Azure cognitive services.

More information on this project can be found here

Self-Made (2021 - 2022)

I worked and cooperated alongside a class colleague to design and develop a webbased application within the Homestead environment using Laravel PHP Framework. The application was intended for use by job seekers and employers within the start-up sector. The application also included a Andriod companion app which was coded with Kotlin to allow users to view job listings on the move.

I also have many other projects which are still in the initial phases of development.


I have been commiting my work to GitHub via the GIT BASH terminal since 2019. My profile includes each of my completed projects, assignments and their corresponding code.